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Craft Cartridges Magnum

Craft Cartridges MagnumCraft Cartridges Magnum
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Craft Cartridges Magnum 10pcs/box
Craft Cartridges Magnum

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Craft Cartridges 5 Magnum - 10pcs
kr 112,00
Craft Cartridges 7 Magnum - 10pcs
kr 112,00
Craft Cartridges 9 Magnum - 10pcs
kr 120,00
Craft Cartridges 13 Magnum - 10pcs
kr 124,00
Craft Cartridges 17 Magnum - 10pcs
kr 124,00
Cheyenne Craft Cartridge needles maintain the needle qualities of the original Cheyenne Safety Cartridges, including the patented safety membrane and the easy change and replacement system. The plastic tips are made from a single mould of medical grade plastic designed to withstand the movement of the needle. This creates a stiffer, stronger cartridge able to stand up to the fastest of movements by the heaviest hand.

This new lower cost affordable option, still provides the safest tattoo cartridge on the market.

Available in liner, shader, magnum, and soft-edge magnum needle configurations.

10 tattoo needle cartridges per box
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