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Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml

kr 110,00
Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml     Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml
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  • Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml
  • Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml

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Cheyenne Tattoo Ink - Black Blood 35ml

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kr 110,00

Data Sheet

Aside from a reliable tattoo machine and talent, tattoo ink is one of the most important elements for all artists.
Inks bring a tattoo to life and makes it unique – forever.
Do not forget that you, the tattoo artist, work on the largest human organ.
The responsibility you carry and the trust being put in you, have to be treated with the utmost respect.
Your customer relies on you and your experience.
This is why we developed inks of the highest quality standards, to make your work easier.
Cheyenne Inks are made in Germany – in Berlin – by experts – for experts, and are improved continuously.
Starting with the purchase of the raw materials, development of the right formula, up unto quality control and production processes – every step is being carefully monitored and checked thoroughly, in order to provide you with the perfect color range for your works of art.
This ink was produced in accordance to the current regulations of the EU-Resolution (ResAP(2008) & German Tattoo Ink Regulation).
All Ingredients of these inks were tested regarding to their purity and toxicological impurities based on the current regulations.
GOOD WOUND HEALING PROPERTIES In-house tests showed that tattoos done with our inks healed faster and easier as in comparison to inks of our competition.
Less scurf, less reddened skin.
Better results with better wound healing.
Due to the improved healing process and the decreased inflammation risk, the immune system is less prone to clear away the pigments, meaning that more pigments will remain in the skin and the tattoos colors will look great over a long period of time. NO AZO PIGMENTS
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